the Salmon Academy

The Salmon Academy is dedicated to increasing the value of farmed Atlantic Salmon for all stakeholders worldwide through knowledge. Fishers, processors, buyers, retailers, and consumers are all welcome to experience quality education and hands-on learning about the industry.

What You Will Experience:

  • Executive lodging on campus
  • Informative, engaging 3-day session
  • Tours and demonstrations at Cooke facilities - home of the largest salmon production in North America
  • Learn about traceability, sustainability, certification, demand, processing, yield, health benefits and issues, regulatory issues, storage, preparation and cooking
  • See and experience the complete salmon farming cycle from "egg to plate"

What You Will Take Away:

  • A thorough understanding of the farmed salmon industry
  • An appreciation for the industry‚Äôs passionate commitment to quality and sustainability
  • A greater ability to identify and objectively evaluate quality salmon suppliers and products
  • Knowledge that will allow you to make better decisions about salmon purchasing, selection, preparation, and cooking.
  • Knowledge that can be shared with colleagues and customers to improve sales and margins